25 Markham Crescent, DUNSTABLE, Bedfordshire. LU5 4SS
01582 475590

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Sometimes it’s quicker and easier to send a message and get a reply by text message. The number is 07850878756. Text messages are welcome and are a reliable and handy way to quickly book and change lessons.


There is an answer phone service on the landline. Please leave a message if there is nobody available to take your call. The number is 01582 475590. All messages will be dealt with  as soon as possible.


Albion Driving Centre  25 Markham Crescent  Dunstable Beds  LU5 4SS


www.facebook/Albion driving Centre

Albion Driving Centre is on Facebook.  A like is always appreciated. There are lots of crazy driving video clips that have been recorded during actual driving lessons.

Messenger on Facebook is a good way to send a message though it does not always get the quickest response.

The mobile phone

Please remember that calling the mobile number might not get an answer especially if a lesson is taking place. However, if the call cannot be taken and the number is not withheld, the call will be returned at the earliest opportunity.

Unlike some driving schools, the driving school has a strict policy not to answer a call or talk on the mobile phone during a lesson. The call will not be answered whilst driving or supervising a learner. Not even handsfree or via a headset. That’s why texts to the mobile can be so beneficial.

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