What is the CGI Hazard Perception Test?

The car Theory Test comprises of two sections. There is a 50 question, multiple choice Theory test and a CGI Hazard Perception Test. After the Theory Test there is a break of up to 3 minutes before the Hazard Perception Test starts.

The current pass mark for the Hazard Perception Test is 44 out of 75.

Developing hazards

 The CGI (computer generated imagery) hazard perception test shows how to develop new skills needed for this test while physically practicing  and learning to drive.

In each clip there are hazards just like those seen road in real life. Some of the hazards develop.

These are the ones that might cause you to slow down or change direction. Just like on the road, for some hazards it is needed to just keep an eye on them in case the situation changes. Others will develop. These are the ones that the response will be measured on. The points are scored for clicking when these develop.


During the test watch the clips and click the mouse as soon as you spot a clue to any hazard. Click again each time the situation changes. While clicking there will be a red flag appearing at the bottom of the screen to register each click. The clip will not stop running due to clicking for the hazard.

Some details

During the test there are 14 clips shown which have at least one scored hazard. One of them will have 2 scored hazards to watch carefully for. Keep concentrating and clicking to gain maximum points.

Click for all of the hazards that can be seen. The response is measured from when the hazard starts to develop. The highest score will count. Earliest responses score 5. Then 4, 3, 2, or 1. 0 for those too late or missed completely.

More advice

Watch the clips as though it was normal driving. Concentrate and click as soon as any clues emerge. Then click again each time the situation changes. There may be more than one of these in the clip.

Don’t try to cheat by pressing the mouse button without any thought to what can be seen. The score may be lost for that clip.

At the end of the theory and hazard tests, a member of the test centre staff will issue the result. 

More information and advice, the tutorial video and many sample clips are available from Albion Driving Centre on CD DVD Rom.


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